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As committed water professionals, we work day by day to make progress with universal access to water and sanitation. According to the UN, 1.5bn people - almost half of the world's workers - perform their professional activity in sectors related to water, and the majority of jobs depend on water being available.  

In this respect, World Water Day 2015 recognized the value of the dedication of all those people who perform their professional activity in some water-related sphere with the theme “Water and jobs”. The specific work of many professionals is driving progress towards universal access to water and sanitation, an objective also included under goal number 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which establish 2030 as the time frame to attain them.

With this goal on the horizon, the strategic commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy is of key importance to success. In relation to this year's theme, "Wastewater", giving water resources a second life requires specialized technology and knowledge, in addition to highly-skilled, sustainable and high-quality jobs.

Water professionals have the opportunity and the responsibility to show how, through smart resource management, it is possible to improve the life of people, with a direct influence and impact on the transformation of societies and economies worldwide.